At LogoGarage®, our philosophy is simple. You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Your logo represents your company’s identity, it is the first impression your business makes on potential customers, it is the most important marketing element your company owns. Not only does your logo create a great first impression, it can have a long lasting impact on the success of your company.


Defined as an “affection for a period or place with happy personal associations,” nostalgia takes us back to a time of joy, confidence, and optimism. Tapping into nostalgia is a smart design decision because it harkens back to a simpler time – a time when there was pride in a job well done. Using nostalgia as a marketing tool elicits an emotional response in people. It instills a sense of trust, a notion of comfort and a positive feeling about the future. Aren’t these the feelings you want customers to have about your business?

The Logo Garage Team

Bruce Handler

Partner and Creative Director

Bruce brings a driving combination of refined training, professional accomplishment and vast creativity to the helm of the Logo-Garage firm. For over a decade he has worked with many major companies and publications creating award-winningdesigns and strategic marketing campaigns. His workis consistently recognized as outstanding in the fieldreceiving national praise from organizations such as CLIO, Graphic Design; USA, American Corporate Identity, North American Corporate Design Review andThe Package Design Council. With a resume that follows him from his education at Parsons School of Design to his work with DD&B to his years as Design Director at Nestle Foods, Inc. Handler continues to find new ways to evolve, to innovate and to excel in this constantly changing business environment.Today he works diligently to ensure that each project is met with the same detail and quality that have become the firm’s trademarks. Handler also oversees the firm’s executive management team as they continue to build and strengthen their position as a leading professional services company.

Kelly Hume


Kelly specializes in lettering, logos and graphic illustration for print, packaging, film, television and the web. Clients include businesses large and small–ad agencies, design firms, film studios and companies throughout the US and Canada. Kelly was born and raised in Iowa and attended the University of Iowa for one year before moving to Los Angeles to complete his studies in Advertising Illustration at Art Center College of Design. His freelance work, which began during college, has continued to grow ever since.


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